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Transnational combination improves the taste of the classic tea

Hand-cranked drink is an innovative development of Taiwan's traditional tea culture. Patience and experiences are required to brew Gongfu tea. We select good tea and mix it with different beverages and fruit ingredients to make a variety of tea drinks that can be easily carried.

Owing to the unique climate and geographical environment, Taiwan has adequate moisture for tea growth. The Central Ridge in Taiwan is a good place for tea planting, which has contributed to the rise of Taiwan‘s tea farmers and tea factories. The emergence of hand-cranked drinks has brought about the new tea brewing revolution. In addition to the tea itself, we also get inspiration from the diversified snacks in Taiwan, among which the most representative pearl is a unique invention of Taiwan.

「KUMAMOTO MILK TEA 」combines the strengths of both Taiwan and Japan, and has been tested by the R & D team from Taiwan to find out the golden ratio of Taiwan tea to Japan milk. We are more than careful in the production of ingredients. Everyday, we provide the fresh brown sugar pearls that are made with exclusive cooking methods. It takes us about two hours to boil, stew, and braise each batch of pearls. If they are sold in shop, we put them in the chafing dish to keep the best tasting temperature, the round shape, good elasticity, and fragrant flavor of each pearl. As we have high standards for tea soup, milk, and pearl ingredients, the taste our pearl milk tea is different from those of others.

All the tea ingredients for KUMAMOTO MILK are produced in Taiwan. We carefully select the raw pearls made in Taiwan and ship them directly to Japan after vacuum freezing to maintain the best flavor. The milk is extracted from the Aso milk produced locally in Kumamoto, which is rich in milk fat, improving the taste of tea and retaining a strong milk flavor




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Taiwan Tea

As one of the traditional drinks of Taiwan people, Taiwan tea is closely related to the cultural customs of Taiwan. From the 1860s to the 1900s, the Taiwan tea rose to prominence and was appreciated and favoured by the international markets, becoming the largest production and export product in Taiwan. Although the coffee imported from the western countries reduced the tea consumption, the tea culture was deeply rooted in Taiwanese life. The rise of bubble black tea and hand-cranked drinks in the 1980s brought Taiwan tea back to the world stage in a brand new form.


Taiwan Classic Topping: Brown Sugar Pearl

The raw pearls imported from Taiwan and Japanese brown sugar are mixed and boiled to create the fragrant brown sugar flavor. Drinking the beverage when the pearls are warm and elastic. The warmth of the pearls and the coldness of the beverage create unique taste.

Kumamoto Milk
The Kumamoto City is adjacent to the Aso Volcano, which has formed a special geology of melt-water gaps due to the volcanic eruption. Additionally, the above-average rainfall in Kumamoto forms the most natural and healthy groundwater through infiltration. The favorable environment makes the agricultural industry in Kumamoto enjoy innate advantages. Therefore, the milk produced here is particularly fragrant and smooth.