Taiwan Tea 

Taiwan Tea  Taiwan Tea 

Taiwan tea has a history of over 100 years. The traditional tea making process is complicated and meticulous. The judgement of the maturity of the tea, the impact of the weather on the withering proces, the degree of fermentation, the control of the temperature and time at which the tea is cooked, etc., all determine the quality of the final tea soup. Adhering to the principle of providing good tea, we insist on adopting tea leaves imported from Taiwan. The designated Taiwanese tea factory mixes them according to the optimal ratio and determines the degree of fermentation and maturity based on different flavors, to create the tea soup of various color depth.



Three types of tea, namely, black tea, green tea, and oolong tea, are selected for tea blending. If you want to taste the original fragrance of tea, you can choose green tea without fermentation, paired with jasmine to create the sweet aroma. If you want to taste sweet and mellow tea, you can choose fermented and matured black tea and oolong tea. The distinctive woody aroma of oolong tea, and the sweet taste of black tea with caramel flavor can make you experience different levels of flavors, whether you drink it alone or mix it with milk


Basic processing of tea making:

Black tea:

The tea leaves need to be soaked in hot water after being withered, rolled, fermented, and dried.The tea liquid will present dark red with the flavor of mellow and sweet after taste.

Green tea:  

The tea leaves need to be soaked in hot water after being fixated, rolled, and dried. The tea liquid will present light green with the flavor of fragrance and sweet after taste.Japanese mainly fixate the green tea by steaming it, the tea liquid tastes elegant and high fragrance; however, Taiwanese fixate the green tea mainly by stirring it, so the tea liquid tastes more thick and rich.
Oolong tea:
It is a kind of green tea with fermentation degree between green tea and black tea.The tea liquid presents golden-yellow, sweet and mellow which is suitable for blending with floral or fruit scent type.